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At my core, I'm a romantic. Like, an ultra romantic. I can find beauty in just about anyone, and anything. I live with a somewhat unreasonable expectation that every event in life needs to be celebrated, somehow, with some fanfare. I've been a major celebrator since I was a child, when I'd throw holiday parties for all the neighborhood kids, start planning my April birthday in October, and find ways to dress up our dinner table each night to make the occasion more special. I never changed. I always wanted, or needed a way to remind myself and others that humans were meant for joy. 

I'm an artist (sort of, I'm an art school drop out), whose medium is experiences and environments. I love creating events, spaces, and moments that people linger in, and enjoy, and forget about whatever else is going on outside of the present they are living in. 

I found that possibility in events. I had the pleasure of getting married to Ryan Rose in 2017 in a Game of Thrones Full Moon Viking wedding at a Castle Farms in Northern Michigan and my purpose was sealed. When I walked into my wedding reception and took a minute to just breathe it all in - the months of planning, the intention behind every detail, and the friends and family who had traveled far to be with us for the weekend - in that feeling, and in that moment, The Revel Rose was truly born. 

The Revel Rose formally launched soon after in November 2017. I dove head first into connecting with people who needed and wanted a friendly guide to help them host an event that feels as good as it looks. I'm enamored with people, and with their stories. The stuff of their life. I'm captivated by love, and it's possibilities. I love to have a good time, and people can usually count on me for one. 

I can't wait to meet you.

Kendall Rose

when not at your service

Doing endless house projects and homesteading activities at our small house

in the middle of nowhere Northern Michigan


Hiking our woods and trails with

Sade Bird Nelson the Dog


Riding shotgun to get groceries or going to Lake Ann Brewing Co.

with my favorite companion, Ryan 


As of recently, kissing and bamboozling our little baby boy


Driving to Metro Detroit to spend time with my family

or Grand Rapids to spend time with his


Talking or texting far too loud and fast with one of my four best friends

who I've known for half of my life


Planning as many weekend trips as we can with said best friends


Cooking, baking, and making a hellacious mess out of my kitchen


Reading the newspaper, magazines, books, the back of cereal boxes,

junk mail, anything, everything


Visiting one of my favorite hangs in Traverse City

(Mundo's Coffee, BLK/MRKT, Brew, Little Fleet, Frenchie's Famous, Sugar2Salt, Esch Beach,

The Parlor, The Traverse Area District Library, Grand Traverse Commons)


If the weather is fine, trail biking, swimming in Lake Michigan,

poking and putzing around collecting things in the forest, taking long drives