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Kendall Rose
Owner and Principal Planner

Kendall Rose is the owner and principal planner behind The Revel Rose. She is a master of celebration, connection, community, and deep enjoyment of both the decadent and the everyday, the lasting and the fleeting, modernity and tradition, the simple, and the sublime. As a wedding planner and creative designer, she strives to bring the supporting actress energy and be the behind the scene presence ensuring that your values, your vision, your investment, and your closest, most protected wishes for how you want to experience your wedding, and how you want to experience it with others is carried through. Her background in the visual arts, hospitality industry, cultural and ethnic studies, and project management all inform her approach to planning and designing intimate weddings as well as large affairs. 

She and her husband and two children live on a tiny homestead in Northern Michigan where they spend time cooking, porch drinking, wandering the woods,taking long drives down two tracks, watching A24 films, consuming newspapers, magazines, and books, and trying to have interesting adult hobbies.

Photo by Lindsey Mak Photography

instagram @therevelrose

business statements and sentiments

It is my honor, pleasure, and privilege to serve individuals, families, and couples from all walks of life. All religious and non-religious backgrounds. All sexual orientations, gender identities, and gender expressions. All cultures, ethnic, racial, and ancestral origins. Any person living in the United States regardless of nationality or citizenship. I believe that the union of marriage is sacred, binding, and open to those who are willing to take its oaths.  The practice of marriage is ancient, ever-evolving, ambiguous, and in recent history has been oriented towards the expression of everlasting love and commitment.  The greatest consecration of love is to share it, and our business services will honor those who wish to. Please understand that it is the highest hope of this business to make people feel loved, valued, respected, and honored.

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