I'm Kendall, The Revel Rose.

I am so grateful you found your way here and would love to introduce myself and my life to you. At my core, I'm a romantic. Like, an ultra romantic. I can find beauty in just about anyone, and anything. I live with a somewhat unreasonable expectation that every event in life needs to be celebrated, somehow, with some fanfare. 


I've been a major celebrator since I was a child, when I'd throw holiday parties for all the neighborhood kids, start planning my April birthday in October, and find ways to dress up our dinner table each night to make the occasion more special. I never changed. I always wanted, or needed a way to remind myself and others that humans were meant for joy. I consider myself an artist and a creative whose medium is experiences and environments. I love creating events, spaces, and moments that people linger in, enjoy, and forget about whatever else is going on outside of the present moment.

I found that possibility in weddings. I had the pleasure of working for a farm to table caterer on an historic farm property on the beautiful Leelanau Peninsula during a career transition in the summer of 2017, and the draw of the hospitality and service industry beckoned me back in those long lingering nights of food and revelry and champagne and music and dancing. I was planning my own wedding during this time ( A Game of Thrones Full Moon Viking Castle Wedding) and in that time, my purpose felt known. I believed we could create a more intentional, enjoyed, and guided experience through planning a wedding and I believed I could be the person to do that for people. Be their project manager. Be their connector. Be their advocate. And be loyal to their vision.

The Revel Rose formally launched soon after in November 2017. I dove head first into connecting with people who needed and wanted a friendly guide to help them host a wedding that feels as good as it looks. I'm enamored with people, and with their stories. The stuff of their life. I'm captivated by love, and it's possibilities. I love to have a good time, and people can usually count on me for one. 


The Stuff of Life


I'm a native of Metro Detroit from a scrappy town called Westland, and am currently living in the middle of nowhere on a doomsday semi - off the grid rural homestead in Northern Michigan. In some ways it's everything I ever dreamed of and some days I just want a sidewalk and a chai latte at my fingertips. I am a walking balance of boujie and bucolic, a lover of rolling fields and deep quiet woods as much as loud vibrant cities and being in exciting places among exciting people. If I had to describe my personality by one celebrity relationship, it would probably be Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg. All I ever want is to make things fancy, use the good plates, have a good time, drink some gin and juice, and get nasty.

I am married to my once roommate, Ryan Rose. We lived together for a year and half in Grand Rapids, him working on the road for most of it. In the beginning of 2013, we finally made out in a hot tub while snowboarding with friends and have been living it up since. Without him, I wouldn't be a rose.  Without me, he probably would have quieter evenings and probably wouldn't have watched Schitt's Creek.

I met someone in the wedding industry before I even started The Revel Rose who shared with me her career ambitions. "I needed to find something I loved enough that it was worth leaving my babies for", she said. That has always stayed with me, and is a sentiment I feel so deeply. My favorite thing, my favorite name, my favorite title, my favorite role is mama. 

Our son came into this world in a time of uncertainty (hello COVID-19 pandemic) and has restored a daily rhythm and sense of wonder in our lives. When I am engrossed in work, or on an evening call, or gone for a weekend full of wedding revelry, I do so knowing that I love what I do, and believe I am making  an important connection in peoples lives, no matter how small. Being a part of the legacy of families, the very beginning, is such an honor in my life. My favorite parts of weddings are the ones where families sense that ancestral, deep, and yearning connection to be there to witness one another's lives and celebrate with eachother. 


Business Statement and Sentiments

It is my honor, pleasure, and privilege to serve individuals, families, and couples from all walks of life. All religious and non-religious backgrounds. All sexual orientations, gender identities, and gender expressions. All cultures, ethnic, racial, and ancestral origins. Any person living in the United States regardless of nationality or citizenship. I believe that the union of marriage is sacred, binding, and open to those who are willing to take its oaths.  The practice of marriage is ancient, ever-evolving, ambiguous, and in recent history has been oriented towards the expression of everlasting love and commitment.  The greatest consecration of love is to share it, and our business services will honor those who wish to. Please understand that it is the highest hope of this business to make people feel loved, valued, respected, and honored.

Cultural Competency and Anti- Exploitive Awareness

Cultural appropriation is when a dominant culture adopts or uses elements from a non-dominant culture (and usually one that has been oppressed) with little regard for the culture they appropriating from. Further adding to the issue, usually the non-dominant culture continues to experience racism, discrimination, and oppression at the hands of the dominant culture, even while their “things” are being appropriated.  Cultural appropriation happens whether it is our intention or not. Cultures and people are not something to be distilled into consumable, marketable, and palatable objects.  Much of cultural appropriation in design comes from colonialism. When a nation colonized another, it often created a fantasy in the exoticism, while subjugating the people.

The wedding industry - similar to the fashion, design, and art world - ​is prone to culturally appropriating and exploiting Black, Pan-Asian, Latino, Native and Indigenous traditions, customs, styles, motifs, designs, themes, structures, and dress. Our cultural awareness and competence demands that we pay attention to these trends and vehemently oppose them in our practice. We do our absolute best to maintain awareness of these trends and to avoid designing or developing  a wedding environment based on borrowed cultures, and do not design in a culturally exploitive way. I look forward to learning what is an important part of your legacy as and extension of your family and as a couple instead.