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At my core, I'm a romantic. Like, an ultra romantic. I can find beauty in just about anyone, and anything. I live with a somewhat unreasonable expectation that every event in life needs to be celebrated, somehow, with some fanfare. 


I've been a major celebrator since I was a child, when I'd throw holiday parties for all the neighborhood kids, start planning my April birthday in October, and find ways to dress up our dinner table each night to make the occasion more special. I never changed. In college, my best friends and I moved into a big enough house to host weekly dinners, holiday parties, adult sleepovers, and Olympic games in the yard. I always wanted, or needed a way to remind myself and others that humans were meant for joy. 

I'm an artist (sort of, I'm an art school drop out), whose medium is experiences and environments. I love creating events, spaces, and moments that people linger in, and enjoy, and forget about whatever else is going on outside of the present they are living in. 

I found that ability in events. I was working as catering staff pouring rosé champagne one summer evening after having recently moved to Leelanau County in Northern Michigan. The sun was setting over the lake, the breeze was moving the woods surrounding us, and I was in my element. As I was lighting candles that evening, I knew that in a few moments, we would welcome guests, and our sole job would be to make them happy, to make them enjoy this evening so much, that they would talk about it for years to come. 

In that feeling, and in that moment, The Revel Rose was truly born. A few months later, I married my person, Ryan Rose in a Game of Thrones wedding we planned together that contains a few dozen of my favorite memories ever created with people I love.

The Revel Rose launched soon after in November 2017. I dove head first into connecting with people who needed and wanted a friendly guide to help them host an event that feels as good as it looks. 


I'm enamored with people, and with their stories. The stuff of their life. I'm captivated by love, and it's possibilities. I love to have a good time, and people can usually count on me for one. 

I'm looking forward to meeting you!

Kendall Rose

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