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how many people can we include?

Wild Banshee Adventure Co. trips come together best for groups of 10 or less. Though we are always willing to work with you!  

what are our OPTIONS

Each weekend is carefully planned out and created specifically for your crew. We have options for everything from cozy cottage stays on the lake to historic modern farmhouses where you can spread out. We have funky bed and breakfast's, campgrounds, and deep in the woods chalets. We have backpacking trips and overnights under the stars, urban Traverse City accommodations and bike tours, custom classes based on your interests (think distilling or cooking or creating a wildflower bouquet), DIY canoe trips or guided hiking trips. 



Wild Banshee Adventure Co. Weekends are all- inclusive, making it a breeze to plan from afar. From the time you arrive in Northern Michigan until the time you leave, we handle everything from the accommodations, transportation to and from events, group activities and outings, meal planning, and even help coordinate things like decor, adventure photography, and of course, handle all payments so after your crew responds "Yes!" no one gets stuck with the dirty work of having to hold the Cough Up Bucket. You can expect us to do the legwork so that when you arrive, you are ready to settle in to a weekend of revelry. 



Based on your form, we will start to craft a custom proposal for you based on your group member's individual budgets. For a two night, three day stay Up North, you should plan for two nights of accommodations, five meals as well as snacks and beverages, and a few hand selected fun outings for your crew. We work our magic behind the scenes to get you in the best homes, on the best tours, eating the best food, and having the best experience possible. We encourage your group to plan for a $300 minimum per person budget for a two night- three day stay in Northern Michigan.

WHO are you and how do you get paid?

I'm Kendall! I've been a Wild Banshee since 1989 and have lived in Northern Michigan for two years. Don't let my lack of roots deter you though, my Metro Detroit  family loved up north getaways and we spent a lot of time camping and visiting my two wild great aunts on Glen Lake growing up. I always knew I wanted to live up north some day, and I am so happy to have found my way here. 

I operate Wild Banshee Adventure Co. as a side project to my wedding planning business, The Revel Rose. I created the two side by side because I come from a recreation and outdoors background, and still have a passion for helping people not only plan their wedding, but plan incredible trips with friends and family that don't revolve around the same old options. I also have had the experience of both planning bachelorette parties and having one of my own and all I can say is, the work will usually fall on someone, let it be me. Wild Banshee Outdoors relies on a number of my favorite people in the hospitality and tourism industry to give you an incredible experience up north. 

I will get paid an hourly rate for the privilege of planning your weekend adventure, and you can expect to see this total in your custom proposal! 

can't we just do this ourselves?

You can hunny, and I encourage you to if you are a cohesive group of friends who know exactly what everyone wants and have the time and energy to plan your best mate's best weekend! BUT. If you are busy, strapped for time and resources, coming from out of state, or want an all-inclusive and relaxing experience that feels like a true vacation, I encourage you to reach out and let us do the legwork of reserving, booking, coordinating, organizing, and designing the coolest of weekends for you and your crew!

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