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Whether you are newly engaged, and about to embark on the what's next or have your venue and main vendors booked but are looking to develop a cohesive creative team, The Revel Rose experience aims to be approachable and supportive above all else.
From an introductory call to an explanation of our process and what to expect with each service, to a highly detailed digital project management tool, to our fun in person site visits and tastings, my promise to you is that you'll feel relieved, refreshed, and supported as a couple as you dream, plan, design, and host your wedding.

I specialize in full service event planning and event design for intimate weddings, private estate weddings, creative direction and design, and full service weekend event management and coordination for couples and their families. My commitment as a business owner and consultant is to artfully and elegantly provide expertise in the area of low waste, waste conscious, and sustainable event planning and production and interrupt the narrative that weddings and events have to be inherently wasteful. 

full service planning

If you are at the very beginning of your wedding planning, warmest wishes, best regards! The journey of planning your wedding from beginning to end is a process that deserves attention, time, commitment, energy, and loyalty to your vision.

A trusted guide, an experienced guru, and an honest companion who acts as a collaborator is what I offer to you. Our Full Service Wedding Package offers you peace of mind as we serve as your navigator from venue selection to custom design through the entire week of your wedding festivities.

  • Available to book anywhere from 12- 20 months from your intended wedding date

  • Ideal for those wishing to explore unique and one-of-a-kind venues or host a private estate wedding and be connected with exceptional and trusted vendors who will support and execute your vision with excellent client services

  • Includes month-by-month project management using our easy to navigate digital project management portal complete with a comprehensive task tracker, budget worksheet, guest management tool, timeline creator, and detailed notes for every part of your event

  • Includes unlimited email communication from the time of booking and monthly scheduled consultation calls

  • Includes a comprehensive design process meant to give you a single point of contact for all of your design and decor elements

  • Includes in person vendor meetings and scheduling of appointments as well as venue site visits

  • Assistance with logistical planning such as timeline creation, floorplan and seating chart layouts, transportation schedules, detailed contract review and compliance, and vendor communication

  • Includes up to 40 hours of on-site coordination and event management over 3 days including set up direction and tear down, guest experience management, and a personal concierge to you throughout the weekend

  • Assistance with full weekend itineraries including accommodation and travel bookings, transportation, welcome parties or rehearsal dinners, and day after guest activities

Investment begins at $10,000*
The typical full service planning wedding budget is for a weekend long wedding event or private estate wedding and is $60,000+ for guest counts of 100 and $75,000+ for guest counts of 100 - 180.

Available to book 12 - 18 months from wedding date
$10,000 is based on a 12 month planning package
Unless planning an intimate, off season or midweek wedding, it is recommended that you reach out for full service planning at least 12 months ahead of your intended wedding date


partial planning and design

For those couples who have a venue,  a date, and a few of your key vendors booked and now are interested in hiring the right creative team to bring your vision and dreams into existence in the 6 - 12 months prior to your wedding day, Partial Planning and Design is meant to supplement and compliment your existing vision by taking the reigns in the final year leading up to your wedding. Through a thorough understanding of your tastes, style, environments that inspire you, and a streamlined, cohesive approach that makes your wedding feel uniquely yours, we create unmatched ambiance and the most beautiful environment for you to have ceremony and be celebratory in.

  • Available to book anywhere from 6 - 12 months from your intended wedding date

  • Ideal for those who describe themselves as hands on up to a point, but are looking for detailed input into their design planning and logistics

  • Includes month-by-month project management using our easy to navigate project management tool complete with a comprehensive task tracker, budget worksheet, guest management tool, timeline creator, and detailed notes for every part of your event

  • Includes unlimited email communication from the time of booking and monthly scheduled consultation calls

  • Includes a comprehensive design process meant to give you a single point of contact for all of your design, decor, and details

  • Includes in person meetings with your vendor team, as well as venue site visits

  • Assistance with logistical planning such as timeline creation, floorplan and seating chart layouts, transportation schedules, detailed contract review and compliance, and vendor communication

  • Includes up to 30 hours of on-site coordination and event management over 2 days including set up direction and tear down, guest experience management, and a personal concierge to you throughout the weekend

Investment begins at $8,000*
The typical partial planning wedding budget is for a Friday or Saturday event and is $60,000 - $75,000 for roughly 135 - 150 guests.

Available to book 6-12 months from wedding date
Please note partial planning cannot be booked more than 12 months out from your wedding date
*$8,000 is based on a 9 month planning package

intimate weddings and elopements

The Revel Rose specializes in intimate weddings and elopements (under 25 guest counts) centered around food, family, ritual, and simply good times so that these events can be minimally produced and maximally enjoyed. For those looking to wed within a brief timeline and who enjoy a thoroughly hands off approach from everything to choosing vendors to executing a design plan, all inclusive planning gives you peace of mind and preservation of spirit to celebrate in a beautiful and meaningful way with your closest.

  • Available to book anywhere from 3 - 6 months from your intended wedding date and includes a full service planning experience

  • Complete and comprehensive planning with a simplified process for venue and vendor bookings, contract booking, all vendor communication and coordination, and detailed budget management

  • Includes a 60 day coordination period where we synthesize the goals and desires for your wedding experience, and lend a hand in finalizing details

  • Includes unlimited email communication from the time of booking and (3) scheduled consultation calls

  • Includes in person site visit and detailed site plan, floorplan layout, and detailed design aesthetic of space and all decor and design tablescape elements with in house paper good printing available

  • Assistance with logistical planning such as timeline creation, photography shot list creation, catering service notes, and rental inventory

  • Includes up to 20 hours of on-site coordination and event management over 2 days including set up direction and tear down, guest experience management, and a personal concierge to you throughout the weekend

Investment begins at $6,000*
The typical intimate wedding budget is for a Sunday - Thursday event and is $20,000 - $30,000 for up to 25 guests

Available to book 3 - 6 months from intended wedding date
If you are planning an intimate wedding from the get go, more than 6 months out our Full Service Planning and Partial Planning and Design rates apply
*$4,000 is for 4 month planning window

A Look At The Process 

Click the Inquire button below. Within the inquiry form, I ask a few basic questions about you as a couple, your wishes, where you're at in your process, services you may be interested in, and  your budget. Please note I provide a breakdown of typical budget estimations in your inquiry so as to make sure we're a good fit 
I do my best to respond to all inquiries within 48 hours. From there, I will send you a lookbook of services to provide you with more detailed information
We'll schedule a 30 minute consultation to review plans and options and ask questions
If we're a great fit, and you're ready to move forward I'll create a custom proposal for you with a scope of work, pricing, and package details for you to review.
Upon reviewing your proposal and possibly making edits and adjustments, we'll finalize your custom proposal, and I'll prepare a contract. A retainer for services is due to book.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do we plan for a realistic and achievable budget?

For in season (May - October) Saturday weddings I recommend all couples plan for a starting range of $400 -  $500 per guest for the most realistic approximation of their event production budget. For smaller weddings, your per person average will actually be higher. Your all-in budget will likely fall between those two numbers times the number of guests you plan to invite. This approximation is far different from what Google searches and The Knot will tell you, but it is accurate time and time again and I wouldn't lie to you. Misguided budget expectations can be a huge source of discouragement and frustration and it's my explicit hope to be able to provide a clear understanding of industry standard pricing throughout your planning process and help you to invest whatever budget you are working with in appropriate choices from the start.

We want to DIY our decor, flowers, and most of our design, can you help us out? 

I absolutely love the creativity that shows up during people's weddings and the unique talents they bring to their wedding day design. Event and experience design is my passion and therefore I prefer to work with couples seeking this service and work collaboratively on creating something wonderful together. I prefer if we work with experienced and capable vendors however in an effort to make this as stress free an experience as possible, and I always encourage couples, families, and friends to choose one or two projects they are eager to do themselves that they can commit to ahead of time  if they'd like!

Do we have to care about low waste and waste conscious event planning to hire you to be our planner?

Not necessarily, although most of my couples do reach out to me specifically because this is an important value we share. What you can expect for a low waste and waste conscious wedding is a working relationship with venues that have an environmental or sustainability mission at the heart of their operations, a strong focus on chef based farm to table meals to share with your loved ones based on locally derived seasonal ingredients, a detailed waste management plan and support involving our friends at Bay Area Recycling for Charities, and a local vendor team that includes foam-free florists, local photographers, and artisan makers. 

How are your prices determined?

My pricing is super industry standard and based on a few variables. In general an average size wedding takes up to 200 hours to plan and execute over 12 months, and I compensate myself for that time according to where you're at in your planning process. In general I devote 10 contract hours per month to every couple, billed at $50/hr.

Do you negotiate on pricing?

In general, no. I did several times in my first three years in business for a variety of reasons. Maybe it was because I knew a venue owner and wanted to work there, knew the couple personally and wanted to build my portfolio, or enjoyed and wanted to work with the vendor team and so at times I was willing to discount my pricing. Going into my fifth (2022) year in business, I know how to appropriately price my services for a variety of needs, and am proud of the work I do and value I offer. In general, planners offer a significant value and are able to save you time, stress, and costly mistakes throughout the process. We try to keep our service fees to no more than 15% of your overall budget, which is why taking a peak at our pricing will help you determine if we're a good fit. I do offer Industry Discounts for fellow vendors who could use a hand planning and coordinating their weddings. Reach out!

Do you offer Day of Coordination?

Yes! All of our services include very comprehensive coordination for your wedding day, however I do not offer Day of Coordination as a standalone service without taking into account the significant logistic work and hours that go into developing timelines, vendor communications and collaboration, floorplan, site plan, and seating chart layouts, and prep work involved in getting to know you as a couple and every possible detail for your wedding.

How many couples have you worked with? How do we know what it's like to work with you?

Since founding The Revel Rose in 2017, I have worked with over 40 wonderful couples. You can read some of their reviews at WeddingWire. Those reviews offer an honest and thoughtful reflection of what it's like to work together and I appreciate them immensely. 

Do you work alone, or do you have a team?

I set my business intentions to be an owner-operator, meaning that not only will I be your planner, but when you book with me I will also be at your wedding every minute throughout the day. I believe in the owner-operator model and prefer to work with other vendors who are also exclusively on-site for your wedding day in order to keep accountability and our client services expectations at the forefront of what we do. My 2022 team include Caitlin and Jordyn in Northern Michigan; Riley, Claire, and Chelsea in Grand Rapids, and Catie and Kellie for Southeast Michigan. All have experience in the hospitality, tourism, events, and design industries and in general I maintain a ratio of 1 member of The Revel Rose team per 50 guests, and 2 team members for events under 50. 

Is your contract intense?

Wedding contracts are not for the faint of heart my friends, which is why I like to cut right to the chase and introduce you right off the bat to what a thorough and legal contract looks like so that you have the opportunity to ask questions, verify responsibilities, and overall be less intimidated when you see other complex contracts from other vendors. You're literally paying me thousands of dollars and I am literally in charge of making sure your WEDDING is a wonderful experience. The least we can do is have a thorough understanding of our commitments before entering a long term relationship. I want nothing more than to make sure that your investments and time are protected and honored, and I want to make sure that I love my job and my clients,  again and again even though the wedding and events industry is inherently challenging and stressful. My job is to absorb that to the best of my ability.

What are you like as a person?

Hopefully the kind you enjoy being around!  I encourage everyone who is considering hiring me take a peek around my Instagram, @therevelrose. Social media is kindof like a blind date but without the commitment or awkwardness. Hopefully by spending some time in my digital portfolio, you'll learn that I am sentimental, love to write, can be funny at times, have a filthy mouth, have a huge heart for my couples, am proud to be a part of the wedding community and really really want to change perceptions of what a wedding planner has to look/talk/be like, and in general just like to post honest, in the moment thoughts about work, life, being a mom, love, marriage, and bagels.  

When can we book you?

Well you're super kind. Please pay super close attention to the timeframes in the package descriptions above. Please note that as a wedding planner, my season is almost exclusively dedicated to my amazing couples from May 30 - October 30 and rarely do I have time to meet for coffee or drinks, conduct site visits, onboard new clients, or start new projects in this window unless you are booking a Full Service Package which I budget my time for months in advance. I welcome new inquiries whenever to say hello and get acquainted, but in general I begin working with Partial Planning and Design clients October  - April, and any Event Management and Coordination clients January - April of their current wedding year. 

Do you plan LGBTQ+ weddings?

Dear friends, yes I do. But I don't take that task lightly, and neither should you. The wedding industry is rife with heternormative, cisgendered traditions, customs, rituals, and expectations and it can be a bear to sift through from the perspective of offering you a safe, considerate, warm, and welcoming experience from beginning to end. Not only do I work with LGBTQ+ couples, but I also properly vet all of our vendor relationships to ensure that you, your relationship, and your family is loved on and supported as you plan your wedding. 

Do you plan alcohol free weddings?

Yes, yes yes! I have provided wedding planning services for a number of Free Spirit (alcohol free) weddings and know how important it is to maintain a fun and safe environment for all guests while still celebrating fully! We work with some of the best bartenders in the state to craft custom, alcohol free elixirs, tonics, and beverages that will excite and surprise you and your guests and leave you and your guests with a feeling of celebration without inebriation. 

Do you plan 420 friendly weddings?

Absolutely! The state of Michigan formally legalized the recreational use of marijuana in 2018, and since then many communities throughout the state have recognized and welcomed the cannabis industry and its related business enterprises. We have an extensive network of vendors who would be happy to serve you in accommodations, travel, tastings and tours, culinary arts, and more if this is something you'd like to include in your wedding festivities.

Do you plan elopements?

I do! And they are so dang fun. If you are hoping to get married within a brief timeframe with an all-inclusive planning process, then I promise you the way to do it is to have someone make all those nitty gritty decisions for you, so you can just be.

Do you plan religious weddings?

Sure thing! I grew up in a dynamic household with a Christian Born Again Baptist mother and a Jewish father. I can recite John 3:16 and sing the books of the Bible song, as well as Shabbat blessings by heart. As an anthropology major in college, I came to appreciate the breadth and depth of spirituality in our personal and communal lives, and love that faith is such an integral part of so many couple's marriage celebrations. While my spiritual journey has become a bit more humanist over the years, and we are not actively involved in a faith based community currently as a family, I am still able to offer you respect and reverence for your faith practices, and offer you a guided approach to planning and coordinating with your with faith based leadership to ensure your ceremonies and rituals are a reflection of you and your commitment to marriage. 

Do you officiate weddings?

Yes, I have officiated four weddings and I love the experience of getting to speak words over you as a couple and share in such a significant moment. I typically offer this, as well as custom ceremony planning for our elopement and intimate wedding couples only. I am ordained to perform marriage ceremonies in the State of Michigan through the Universal Life Church and the Ministry of Dudeism (for my Big Lebowski fans out there). 

Please feel free to email me any additional questions you may have!

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