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What We Do

We offer two simple service packages.


Our Itinerary + Planning Package is ideal for assisting you with planning your destination bach trip front to back, side to side, without the hassle of research. Simply our best proposal for your budget and preferences. You take care of the bookings and trip management from there, and we offer complimentary assistance the week of your trip.

Starting at $99 per person.

Our Bookings + Concierge Package is our all-in one service that handles your lodging and accommodations bookings, your transportation scheduling as needed, all of your activity planning and bookings, and positions us to handle the back end logistics of your trip! Everything from guest payments to answering emails from your group is under our domain. Each guest truly gets to relax and travel without being in a host role. 

We offer complimentary over the phone or email concierge the entire weekend and are on hand to assist with any itinerary changes or unexpected alterations to your plans. 

Starting at $199 per person.

Our A La Carte Packages are designed to be flexible to your needs and add an extra layer of convenience and enjoyment for all guests.


Our on-site hosting package.

Available for guest check in, grocery delivery and shopping, food delivery, rental vehicle shuttling, and on-site bartending so you can relax.

Minimum $500 per day for up to 10 hours of service. 


Our event design and decor package that takes the stress out of creating ambiance and allows you to show up to the most beautiful beach picnic, mimosa brunch,  cigar lounge, or tacqueria buffet you've ever seen. We create unique, one of a kind events to help you celebrate on your best weekend in Northern Michigan.

Minimum $500 per event for design, decor, and set up.

Does not include food, beverages, venue fees, service fees, or gratuities.

Who We Are


We live and breathe Northern Michigan year round and are happy to introduce you to the movers and shakers that make this place a world renowned destination travel experience.



Is the owner and creative director of the destination wedding planning service, The Revel Rose. 

She is an outdoor enthusiast, an amateur homesteader, and an ambassador for all things Northern Michigan. Her experience as a planner, Airbnb host and traveler, and beer slinger all help her to be your go to guide for all of your northerly adventures.

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