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The Work From Home Wedding Planner is Coming


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The Work From Home Wedding Planner has been a dream in the making for a couple years. A year or so into my work as a wedding planner, couples were contacting me not to book a planning package, but with the request to spend a few hours just chatting all things wedding, trouble shooting specific issues, then going on their merry way. These became my off-season consultation hours and I absolutely loved the ability to connect with couples in this way, especially during the COVID pandemic where people were desperate for honest, straightforward, and quick answers that came from a professional in the Midwest wedding industry and not just some generic answers off of Google. In the past couple of years, I've used my platform on Instagram as @therevelrose to try to make the wedding industry more approachable, comfortable, and inclusive to people of all walks of life, all the while creating beautiful events for people throughout Michigan during our wedding season.

Who Is This For

If you have the budget and means to hire a full service planner, please do. I promise you won't be disappointed and this is one of the most valuable, cost saving measures you can make in the long run for your planning. It is such an invaluable and important relationship to protect your sanity, your investment, and most importantly the time you want to spend with your nearest and dearest during your wedding week. However. As a person who got married, had a large wedding, and hired every other vendor to the book I realize that I myself didn't hire a wedding planner for the same reasons you might not. The cost, the idea of having a relationship with someone who might be "pushy" or not listen to your needs, and I just genuinely thought since I wasn't a Kardashian, they didn't make wedding planners for me. I get it. So I want this to be for you. For you who just started planning and need something other than 2 AM Google searches as a guide. For you are in the middle of wedding planning and are hating it and need someone and some other engaged people 

Let's Save You Some Time

  • Real and non-scripted conversations with Kendall Rose on our once  a month scheduled group calls
  • Design tutorials and styling guidance to take your work to the next level
  • Raw conversations and interviews with other leading professionals in the industry 
  • Real-time system and program reviews
  • An on-demand community where you can ask real questions and get quick answers
  •  System tutorials (honeybook, trello, quickbooks, canva)
  •  Live styling demos (flatly, tablescapes and more)
  •  Pricing coaching and brand strategy 
  •  How-to's (set up workflow, source vendors abroad, pack your suitcase, talk to your "non creative friends")
  •  Batch work and outsourcing guides
  •  Advice on building your vendor team 
  • One hour 1-1 call with Kendall Rose
  •  Guided worksheets
  •  Once a month live Zoom meetings (that are also recorded for those who can't make it) tackling specific topics such as 
  •  A curated guide to Day of Coordination teams ready to take what you've built in the planning stage and run with it as your on-site support team during your wedding
  • And what I'm most excited for, the option to attend one of our WFH Wedding Planner Pop Ups, which will be held in Detroit, Grand Rapids, and Northern Michigan to give you the opportunity to meet with The Revel Rose and members of your roster and learn real skills such as how to do a DIY floral project, build a wedding website, 
  • How To Create A Practical Wedding Budget.
  • When To Start Wedding Planning; A Guide to Holistically Working Within The Flows of the The Wedding Industry so you have a chance To Secure The Best Vendors, Get Prompt Responses, And Make Life Easier for Yourself
  • Where To Begin Your Vendor Search and Why Building The Right Vendor Team Matters
  • The Best Venues in Michigan, Take a Virtual Tour With Me!
  • Rentals 101 - How to Build a Rental and Decor Inventory That Works For You


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