The Revel Rose is more than just a wedding planner, designer, or event coordinator. I thrive on developing personal relationships with each of our couples, because this position places me in such an intimate role. I work to be sincere, thoughtful, considerate, and honest throughout each step of your wedding planning process. I am confident there is a right planner for every couple, and I work hard on the front end to align with couples that are a good fit through transparency in what The Revel Rose offers, and honesty about what we do well. 



Every wedding and celebration is so, so different. From the reasons around why you are getting married, to how you envision celebrating, I rarely see duplicate priorities expressed on a wedding day. We approach your wedding day or celebration with a blank slate. This allows you to create meaning in traditions, events, and moments that are special or remarkable to you. When you're open to it, I provide you with out best experience, insights, and practices to help give shape to your day and build something that is a natural part of your story. We all know that weddings have changed dramatically since say, you're parents tied the knot. I specialize in unconventional yet completely approachable event planning, management, and design. 



Weddings present significant logistical challenges. The Revel Rose thrives on logistics, and I understand that you can't do it all. Our team picks up where and when we're needed to bring you confidence that your event will go smoothly, and that your vision will be implemented. We'll admit - chaos is a part of any event. Some of it we plan for, and some of it we can't. We always stay focused, we always work respectfully with our vendor teams, and we always work discreetly to ensure that you aren't stressed during your celebration week or day. We don't boss, blame, bitch, moan, or bully to get what we need or want. We spend time and resources creating strong relationships in the vendor industry, building a capable team, and treating everyone in your family or friend group with respect. We are confident that we can do our job well, and can't wait to show you why hiring a wedding planner is one of the best investments you'll ever make. 


My team and I typically take on no more than one wedding per weekend during our busy season from May - October in order to keep your day the focus of our team. Occasionally we balance a few elopements, intimate weddings, or other midweek celebrations during our season.


Pragmatic planning. Efficient problem solving. Obsessed with making sense of timelines, logistics, and the functionality of events.  The one creating spreadsheets, managing budgets, and keeping you on top of tasks. The one that wants your wedding to be fluid, to be communicative. The one that wants to problem solve, to be efficient, to make your wedding a well -oiled machine on the back end so you can enjoy it on the front end. 


Obsessed with style and substance. An imaginative soul that picks up on the nuances of your relationships and interests and want to express them in a one of a kind, one-night only event.  Motivated to create ambiance and experiences that are memorable, unique, and inviting. The side of my brain that wants your wedding to feel as good as it looks. And hunny it looks damn good.

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It is our honor, pleasure, and privilege to serve individuals, families, and couples from all religious and non-religious backgrounds. All cultures, ethnic, racial, and ancestral origins. Any person living in the United States regardless of nationality or citizenship. All sexual orientations and gender expressions. We believe that the union of marriage is sacred, binding, and open to those who are willing to take its oaths.  The practice of marriage is ancient, ever-evolving, comprehensive, and in recent history has been oriented towards the expression of everlasting love and commitment.  The greatest consecration of love is to share it, and our business services will honor those who wish to. Please understand that it is the highest wish of this company to make people feel loved, valued, respected, and honored.