One day.

That's what most of us think of when it comes to weddings. That one day. And what that one day is supposed to mean.

Is it worth the investment? Is it worth the stress? Is it worth the effort? Will we enjoy it? Will we remember it? Will we be able to do it exactly as we want, or will we have to bow to tradition, to norms, to our families wishes? Should we just go on a huge trip instead? Buy a house? But if we did do it, can we have a say in what's important and what isn't? Can we do it in a different way? 

Congratulations. If you're thinking any of these thoughts, then you're probably engaged and you probably came here seeking guidance from someone who has been here before. You're probably wondering if there's a way to simplify your wedding planning. To streamline it. To consolidate information and resources and time and energy, and to just be. To be in this transitional phase of life, to be together without the stress of figuring out how to plan an event the likes of which you've never planned before, and to get to enjoy it. Along with your entire wedding. You're wondering if there's a way to take anything and everything you've ever imagined a wedding could be, and design an experience and a memory that will leave you feeling so good about how you spent your One Day, your wedding day, as you share it with each other, your closest friends, and your families.


About Me

The Revel Rose is a master of celebration, connection, community, and deep enjoyment of both the decadent and the everyday, the lasting and the fleeting, modernity and tradition, the simple, and the sublime. As a wedding planner and creative designer, The Revel Rose is the behind the scene presence ensuring that your values, your vision, your investment, and your closest, most protected wishes for how you want to experience your wedding, and how you want to experience it with others is carried through.


I'm not a magician, even though I believe in the magic of what we do. I don't promise perfect, and I don't call what we are doing your best day ever. I am a realist. I know the spontaneity, and the unexpected pleasure that often leads to our best days, and a wedding is anything but spontaneous and unplanned. Instead, I offer that we can replicate and create around those feelings, the ones that brought you together, the ones that solidified your desire to spend forever together, the ones that made this commitment feel real, the ones that make friendship and family feel palpable, through a celebration that follows an incredibly thoughtful process that is built on tried and true best practices, and more importantly through honest connection and intentional planning. I cannot wait to meet you.

What We Offer

Based in Northern Michigan, The Revel Rose preserves the sacred traditions of marriage, the art of celebration, and the magic of revelry  through full service wedding planning, a focus on natural and organically inspired event design along with hospitality driven full weekend event management and coordination. We work holistically with vendor teams in the Northern Michigan, Grand Rapids, Southwest Michigan, and Metro Detroit. And everywhere in between.


Full Service Planning

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Event Management and Coordination

Intimate Weddings and Events

“At the end of the day people won't remember what you said or did, they will remember how you made them feel.”

Maya Angelou

Very Kind Words

We started working with Kendall of the Revel Rose soon after we had booked venue and made our initial wedding plans. Even though we had only officially asked her to be on board the last three months leading up to the wedding, she helped us from our first phone call - sending us Personalized vendor suggestions, giving us honest assessments of each vendor we were vetting, and helped us stay both realistic and optimistic. She helped us budget, create and stick to a timeline. She helped us have difficult conversations when necessary and did a huge amount of background leg work that we probably still have no idea the extent! She was our advocate to vendors every step of the way. She was so helpful at the rehearsal and glued together our wedding seamlessly. She is amazing at what she does.

- Emily and Matt

Hiring Kendall to help plan our day was the best decision we made! Kendall went out of her way to get to know us and our vision for the wedding. Kendall helped us navigate COVID and helped us downsize from 150 to 22 people.


She was a huge support for us it when it came to making some difficult decisions about decreasing the guest count. We are so glad that Kendall inspired us to stick with our original date, venue, and vendors. We couldn't have down it without her! Kendall went out of her way to help with day of details and we all were impressed with how she was very much present throughout the entire wedding day. She did not miss a beat. 

- Lindsey and Richard

Kendall is the planner and the celebration. The realist and the dreamer. Her goal is to make sure your event runs smoothly behind-the-scenes, but she also is deeply invested in making sure you and your significant other have the most amazing time of your lives. She brings an energy and calmness to the chaos that is event planning that I am forever thankful for. I don’t know what our wedding and reception would have looked like without her help, but I’m so thankful we’ll never have to know. And did I mention how design savvy she is?! I would bring an idea to her (that I didn't even have fully thought out), and she would run with it and bring it to life with the end result 100x better than what I could have ever imagined. So if you want someone who is authentic, fun, and SUPER TALENTED, hire Kendall. You won't regret it.

- Devyn and Brandon

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