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As a Michigan based full service wedding planning and design collective, my hope is to bring couples of every walk of life and their families joyfully towards a fulfilling, meaningful, and well guided experience as they plan a soulful celebration to share with their loved ones.

A wedding planner is in the privileged position of preserving the sacred traditions of marriage, retrofitting them to the zeitgeist moments of the times, and tapping into the magic of a good party.


With a focus on simple and comfortable design and warm hospitality, our weddings are known for being supported by excellent vendor teams, full of subtle whimsy, and comfortable yet elevated experiences.

Let's dance.


I believe that weddings are one of life's ephemeral joys as well as one of our greatest opportunities to be intentional about the way we want to start our families, how we want to begin our legacy.


My mission with each wedding I produce is to help couples be conscientious and present in their planning process so that their memory of building a wedding day together sets the tone for the rest of their marriage - with a focus on communication, setting healthy boundaries, honoring values, and celebrating above all the tiny moments that make a life something to be loved.

I entered the wedding industry at the same time I planned my own wedding. I was swindled by the love of a good party, the way that a wedding can truly be anything you need or want it to be in this day and age, and the magic of working together with other creatives where our talents shine and allow us to get to create something new every time for people we feel deeply honored to serve. 

I cannot wait to meet you. 

To all good things,

Kendall Rose

“At the end of the day people won't remember what you said or did, they will remember how you made them feel.”

Maya Angelou

Very Kind Words

We started working with Kendall of the Revel Rose soon after we had booked venue and made our initial wedding plans. Even though we had only officially asked her to be on board the last three months leading up to the wedding, she helped us from our first phone call - sending us Personalized vendor suggestions, giving us honest assessments of each vendor we were vetting, and helped us stay both realistic and optimistic. She helped us budget, create and stick to a timeline. She helped us have difficult conversations when necessary and did a huge amount of background leg work that we probably still have no idea the extent! She was our advocate to vendors every step of the way. She was so helpful at the rehearsal and glued together our wedding seamlessly. She is amazing at what she does.

- Emily and Matt

Hiring Kendall to help plan our day was the best decision we made! Kendall went out of her way to get to know us and our vision for the wedding. Kendall helped us navigate COVID and helped us downsize from 150 to 22 people.


She was a huge support for us it when it came to making some difficult decisions about decreasing the guest count. We are so glad that Kendall inspired us to stick with our original date, venue, and vendors. We couldn't have down it without her! Kendall went out of her way to help with day of details and we all were impressed with how she was very much present throughout the entire wedding day. She did not miss a beat. 

- Lindsey and Richard

Kendall is the planner and the celebration. The realist and the dreamer. Her goal is to make sure your event runs smoothly behind-the-scenes, but she also is deeply invested in making sure you and your significant other have the most amazing time of your lives. She brings an energy and calmness to the chaos that is event planning that I am forever thankful for. I don’t know what our wedding and reception would have looked like without her help, but I’m so thankful we’ll never have to know. And did I mention how design savvy she is?! I would bring an idea to her (that I didn't even have fully thought out), and she would run with it and bring it to life with the end result 100x better than what I could have ever imagined. So if you want someone who is authentic, fun, and SUPER TALENTED, hire Kendall. You won't regret it.

- Devyn and Brandon

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